• 2012-07-17 11:48:44 LiSi

    Why most of Type A tube need to be design for Instant Start ballast?

    Firstly, the North American market most part of ballast is Instant Start for T8 tube; Secondly, when testing safe standard the energy efficiency will be include, and the ballast direct fit tube is only fit for type A tube with Instant Start ballast, when doing DLC test; Thirdly, the single end CFL tube for replaced can’t be approval from DLC; Fourthly, the T5 tube normally used with Rapid Start ballast, if T5 type A tube can used with Instant start ballast in the test, the DLC can be approval.
  • 2012-07-17 11:48:00 Zhang San

    Is that allowed only marking “type A” or “type B” on the type A + type B tube when there is a customer demand?

    YES, if the customer need to be marking type A OR type B alone, it should be told to the engineer.
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